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A friend of Sam's father returns..... with the Chitauri.

Right sorry I haven't been producing reviews lately I will catch up but I've had to do a ton of revision and work, and sadly this falls in as second priority but after doing several hours of it I'm able to do this now, but still reviews will still be quite scarce for a few more weeks.

Also I'm trying out something new, I want to structure things better as I've felt my ideas are bit all over the place at points, so I want to try something new, feedback about this would be much appreciated.

I think this book is probably along with Indestructible Hulk some of the more lighter, and more fun books of Marvel Now!, guaranteed I haven't read much of Marvel Now!, but this series is just downright fun. While I have had certain problems with this series the series has just improved more and more since the start and I think Jeph Loeb has got his act together to produce, this great origin story for Sam Alexander.


Sam is hit by a blast from a Chitauri weapon, and they try to bring him to their ship, but he's awake and takes them out damaging several of their ships before breaking into the main Chitauri ship, and getting hit, and knocked to the ground by a unknown character.


Yep I loved this issue I have minor gripes and that is all but they add up and count against this issue but overall I loved it through and through.

What I liked

  • Where I think this issue succeeds is the fact that is brings several twists to the book that liven up the story a bit. The first one unfortunately was spoiled by previews for me, but the second brings in a lot of interesting questions I will not spoil what they exactly are, but if you have seen the preview, and have read previous issues there is a certain white tiger that Sam's dad worked with that he left years ago to go back to Earth to see his son being born. The previews for this issue were a bit obvious as to who it was, but the back story that is revealed is the interesting part that seems to flesh those events out where Sam's dad left in a different light, and while this maybe a red herring you can't help but be interested with what is put up here.
  • The Chitauri have been a point of discussion for this series and fact is I liked them in this they weren't the main threat like in the Avengers they were being led, and that works to the advantage of the book because it doesn't make them seem like a random appearance the villain who leads them has links to Sam and he hates Sam, but they both get what they want by working together, so in the end I liked the appearance of the Chitauri plus Ed McGuiness's drawing of their Whale things is awesome.
  • The villain who I will not name because I do not want to spoil. The villain is interesting what he has been through is understandable and if his version of events is true you can see why he might to decide to do what he did, plus the tie to Sam makes it more interesting.
  • The action in this book is pretty good in my opinion, Sam learns how to use his powers more and to explosive affect in space I love Sam at the minute I love seeing this new hero grow up and use his powers more, plus I love the double page spread with Sam flying attacking the Chitauri it looks very fluid and detailed and shows what he can do. Loeb is well known for big action, sometimes not in a good way (Hulk run) but this kind of fight sequence works well as it's got actual heart to it.
  • The cliffhanger to this issue was good, it's not the most clever or original one but it makes me want to see the next as I do not know exactly how that will go.
  • The art by Ed McGuiness is once again fantastic Ed McGuiness fits this book so well and this is the best work I have seen from him. McGuiness art is very clean and dynamic and the light affects make the action look spectacular. With past issues I have had minor gripes with certain panels as the perspective can look a little stretched and wonky, but there is none of that here every panel looks stunning this is one of the flashiest comics I have ever seen, partly helped by Marte Gracia's vibrant colouring, but because McGuiness and vines produce some clean line work this is probably at the minute is the best looking book of Marvel Now! There is however one moment in the art I didn't like but more on that in a minute.

What I didn't like

  • These are all minor problems but they add up, first off the big plan that the Chitauri and the villain from Sam's dad's past have planned is a little over the top, this is what I hoped Loeb would avoid as this is sort of plot elements that were over the topped (Hulk punches Watcher) but I suppose mad villains like this would do this sort of thing, but still it was a little to over the top.
  • Sam's dad came over as a caring person in the first issue and the second issue but in this while it obviously shows him as a character with flaws to me I was a bit surprised but maybe this is the villain throwing a lie at Sam when he knows the truth or he might have seen something else and is confused.
  • There is one art moment where Sam's mother is there one panel and she seems to randomly phase out I think she's in the background but it just bugged me a bit.
  • The Chitauri's dialogue is a bit hard to read even though I understand it's in another language.


Minor problems I know, but I give out 5s to books that are near perfect or have only one minor fault and this issue had a few, but this is the best issue of the series without a doubt, and if we had the points score still, I would give this higher, but I can't. To all buy this series or this story it's a load of fun to read and this is a great introduction to one of the most important characters of Marvel Now!

4 stars

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