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Set in Viking Russia in A.D.1020, "The Plague Widow" sees in a remote settlement rocked by a contagious outbreak. As the citizens focus on shutting out the outside world, they don't realize who they're shutting themselves in with. Collecting issues #21-28 of the acclaimed series!


The Volga River, circa A.D. 1020. An isolated Viking settlement falls prey to a violent contagion just as the brutal Northern winter starts to set in. Faced with an impossible choice, the village council votes to expel the sick and seal the gates in hope of preserving their way of life. But as the walls close and the temperature plummets, it becomes clear the real threat lies within.

Gunborg, the Viking equivalent of a local mafia boss, begins a campaign of intimidation and brutality. Boris, the foreigner with wild theories on communicable diseases, resists him at every turn. Caught in the middle is the newly widowed Hilde, once wealthy, now destitute and unprotected.

During the long and deadly winter, the residents of the Volga settlement suffer through starvation, ships of half-dead invaders, subzero temperatures, feral animals, mob violence, targeted assassinations, as well as the ever-present threat of death by this unseen disease.

The Plague Widow is pure survival horror told through the lens of a single mother whose only goal is to see her eight-year-old daughter survive through to spring.

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