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The 99 Noor stones were crafted in 1258 AD and modified with alchemy, in order to preserve within them the knowledge contained in Dar Al-Hikma, the greatest library of Baghdad, and smuggled out of the city when it fell to the mongol hordes of Hulagu Khan by the surviving librarians. In the greatest secrecy, the gems were ferried to Spain and protected inside a Fortress of Knowledge protected by guardians who were the descendants of the librarians.

In the 15th century, Rughal, who was one of the guardians of the jewels at the time, discovered that sunlight filtered through the gems could grant superhuman powers and, despite his proposals of using this power being rejected by his peers, Rughal decided to try to absorb inside his body all the power of the gemstones in 1490, when Christian armies prepared to conquer the last Muslim territories in Spain. Rughal's attempt failed most spectacularly and with their Fortress destroyed, the surviving guardians decided that the Noor stones were much too powerful to keep together.

Thirty three stones were sent to America shortly afterwards, under the care of Christopher Columbus; thirty three were sent to the east of Asia; and thirty three were hidden in different locations around the Mediterranean Sea. Afterwards, they faded from history until the early twenty first century, when several dozens of the gems resurfaced and bonded to different gem-bearers who found themselves burdened with superhuman powers.


Known Gems

Jabbar gem large fragment

Jabbar Gem: This blue gemstone grants its gembearer vast superhuman strength and durability and allegedly contains the greatest amount of Noor energy of all the gems. Currently, the gem has been shattered by the explosion of a landmine in Saudi Arabia and its fragments grafted to the current Jabbar, whose body mass and strength level increased enormously as a result.


Amulet of the Noora gemstone

Noora Gem: This yellow gem was discovered by the current Noora underground, mounted in an amulet hidden inside an iron case. The Noora gem grants the ability to manipulate physical  light (to create illusions and make herself or others invisible), as well as the power to see the good in people as soul-light. 



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