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You've asked us and asked us, "When is Image going to do super-hero books again?" Well, be careful what you wish for. This September, Image Comics proudly presents NOBLE CAUSES. We invite you to see a new side to the world's most famous super-heroes, a side that they don't want you to see. The Nobles are just like your family, that is if you family were rich, beautiful, and super-powered. NOBLE CAUSES is true labor of love written by Jay Faerber, the current writer of Titans from DC Comics, and a regular contributor to the quarterly anthology series, Gen-Active. No stranger to intriguing character driven stories and interpersonal relationships, Jay's past work includes stints on Green Lantern, Superboy, Generation X, New Warriors, and the X-Men. He and an incredible band of artistic jump starts have created a world where drama and power play out together in surprising new ways. It's the Fantastic Four meets the Kennedys. It's a book so entertaining that you'll punch yourself silly for missing. NOBLE CAUSES: FIRST IMPRESSIONS is a completely self-contained introduction to this new, on-going series. NOBLE CAUSES #1 will be released later this winter after we have several more issues inventoried and ready to print. Super-heroes? Yes. Role models? No. NOBLE CAUSES: FIRST IMPRESSIONS, a big first step into an even bigger, compelling new world. A self-contained introductory one-shot to the upcoming ongoing series. Every girl thinks her boyfriend is a catch, but Georgetown bookseller Liz Donnelly's got bragging rights --she's dating Dash Noble, the famous super-hero with the quick smile and quicker legs. She and Dash have reached that special place in their relationship where he wants her to meet his family... and what a family it is! The Nobles are the planet's premiere super-heroes, worshipped and adored the world over, but there's a side to them that the public doesn't see... a side they keep hidden. Join Liz as she becomes the first person to go behind closed doors and see the Noble family as they really are. Jay Faerber (Titans, New Warriors, Generation X) unveils his first creator-owned work in this introductory one-shot, which serves as the lead-in to the NOBLE CAUSES ongoing series, debuting in December! Featuring the incredible art team of penciller Billy Dallas Patton and inker Damon Hacker. BONUS 8-PAGE FLASHBACK TALE! When Liz arranged for the author of a "tell-all" book about the Nobles to do a signing at her bookstore, she hoped it'd bring in some customers... she never expected it'd bring in Dash Noble himself! See how Liz first met Dash in this Flashback Adventure, written by series creator Faerber and drawn by the regular back-up team of penciller Patrick Gleason & inker John Wycough!

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