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Nobby takes on Mr. Fixit!
Nobby takes on Mr. Fixit!

Young Nobby Pyles slept in the shadows of an old nuclear power plant in the town he grew up in. During the day, he would fish for jellied eels and two headed trout that swam in the Green River nearby. The local kids didn't like Nobby and would tease him for his height and that he looked like a radioactive haddock wrapped around a sherman tank. Pyles compensated for the lack of love and affection by becoming a homicidal maniac. He would have gone on to a life of piracy, plunder and ultimately execution if it hadn't been for this one terrible accident all these years ago that has remained his secret.

Nobby Pyles becomes a bodyguard for the Delfini crime family and comes into conflict with Mr. Fixit when he comes into town. Pyles and Fixit go at it after a number of Delfini gangsters fail to gun down the Hulk. During the fight, Nobby punches Mr. Fixit into a pet store and it jogs the Hulk's memory about a story he heard while he was in Vegas. A mobster named Three-eyed Tony said Jimmy Delfini's bodyguard was a pushover because he was afraid of little dogs. Apparently Mr. Pyles had his undercarriage bitten off by two little mutts and he was now called No Nuts Nobby. Mr. Fixit threw some little dogs at Nobby and he fell to the floor, terrified with tears streaming down his face. Mr. Fixit allow Nobby and the Delfini family to run the show after they paid him ten million dollars. The current whereabouts of Nobby Pyles are unknown.


Nobby Pyles was created by Paul Jenkins and Kyle Hotz in 2001 and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk # 22.

Powers & Abilities

Nobby Pyles possesses superhuman strength and durability.

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