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Little is known of her origin despite being a fairy from one of the other realms. She is one of the last fairies after the others had been hunted and enslaved.


Her first appearance was in Grimm Fairy Tales #30.

Character Evolution

She has mostly appeared as a background character in the series, and often accompanies Shang. It is implied that she knows the developments in the realms as well as any of the other major characters.

Major Story Arcs

Nissa corrupted by the Dark One

Nissa appeared throughout the series as a background character until Samantha Darren was ready to assume Sela's role on Earth. With the new ward in place Sela was free to pursue Belinda, Shang to pursue Orcus and Nissa to pursue the Dark One. After the forces of Dark One and Orcus confront the council, Nissa is captured and her ability to open portals is put in the control of the Dark One after he corrupts her. Sela is forced to kill her to close the portal.

Powers and Abilities

Although never strictly defined, Nissa has a vast array of magical powers at her disposal. Her wings provide her with the ability of flight.

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