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And no that "B" in the title of this review does NOT stand for Bitchin!
Ok, so in this issue Nightwing takes a bullet saving the DA's life.  He stashes her away in a safe house then barely makes it back to the Batcave where Alfred takes care of him.  After a little TLC, Dick regroups with Carol and they head off to New York. 
Rag's art is sub-par for hiim.  He was awesome back in Identity Crisis, but this stuff just does NOT live up to that.
The story is merely "ok" as well. Two-Face doesn't seem to act with the same character flaws that make him Two-Face.  Also it seems like there's too much reliance on the bat-glider thing that Nightwing's using.  Not to mention that the glider seems WAY advanced.  I know that Wayne-Tech funds all the bat-gear, but this was a little much for me.  On a good note, I did like the scene with Alfred watching over Nightwin while he was recovering.  It showed a lot of emotion there with very few, if any, words.  With everything happening in the Batman books, it's no surprise that Alfred really worries over Dick.
Why is this book a B-rate book?  Just sayin'.
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