tomlikesfries's Nightwing #13 - The Hunter review

We miss you Kyle Higgins!


Lady Shiva is back in Gotham!

The Good:

I was totally excited for this issue, mostly because of Lady Shiva and I gotta say... all the excitement was not worth it. However, unlike most people, I actually like her new look.

The greatest thing about this comic was the artwork for sure. And when I say arwork, I don't mean the penciling specifically as I actually preferred the coloring, even though Guinaldo's work with the pencils was also great.

The Bad:

This issue was an extremely slow start for the story arc, as the assassin Lady Shiva barely makes an appearance and the whole comic is pretty much based on Nightwing searching for her, talking with Sonia and complaining about the fact that Bruce is not answering his calls.

I waited a whole month, hoping to see a hell of a fight between Dick and Shiva, but she doesn't even say a word.

I couldn't really get the purpose of this issue, as it only left me scratching my head after reading it. What is Lady Shiva doing in Gotham? And why the heck did Nightwing go to the circus? Well, Sonia said they would have dinner together and talk about business, but she says she won't make it two minutes later.

Honestly... I miss Kyle Higgins, but we'll be giving DeFalco another shot as he will also write issue #14.


3/5 stars.

Pick it up?: If your pull list is too big, or if you don't have time or cash, I'd say no. It really doesn't show us anything important. All you need to know is written in the ''Synopsis'' part of this review.

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