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Maybe now that Nightcrawler has died, Dracula can "resurrect" him as his undead servant? Some have already speculated that may be the case... a stretch, but very cool.
Talk about revenge... Kurt impaled him with a spear in the past and Dracula would probably enjoy humiliating him, especially since Kurt was a faithful Catholic during his life time. It would be interesting to see such a drastic transformation occur; once the X-Men's "moral compass", only to arise from the dead as a formidible enemy. Although it would pain Kurt to fight his family, he would be at the mercy of his master.  Herr Wagner wouldn't even be out of place in Eastern Europe as he traveled the region as part of a circus troupe.
And Marvel could get such a cool new villain to boot! New readers often assumed Nightcrawler to be a sketchy character in the first place (when I started to read comics, I thought he didn't LOOK like superhero). Most of Marvel's heroes know Nightcrawler to be a good guy and it would be quite a conundrum for them to have to fight him. I'm sure he would be more of a conflicted type of vampire, forced to do a devil's bidding against his will yet still having some loathful, evil tendencies associated with the affliction. Some of the more altruistic heroes, possibly Spider-Man, Thor, Mr. Fantastic, etc. - may have serious reservations about taking him out. There would be no way for Nightcrawler to be a Blade-type character as long as Vlad is "alive" so I would hope he never becomes that kind of person -- just a straight up villain.  
Think -  years from now, Nightcrawler has been far removed from his superheroic deeds and has established himself as a bigtime villain. New fans would have the opportunity to see what a vampire used to be like before they were bitten; in Kurt's case, over 30 years worth of issues! There aren't very many mediums that could appreciably convey a transformation such as that, but comics would be the perfect vehicle.
A reinvention of a character without disregarding the past and a future with a lot of interesting possibilities! I hope that maybe the writers already have this in mind... 

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God I hope not... it's bad enough that Jubilee may be permanently changed.  And I can't stand 'Bloodstorm'.
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Please don't let that happen to kurt, he deserves better!

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I can understand not wanting Nightcrawler to become a baddie, or maybe my scenario just stinks... I just don't want some cliche resurrection somewhere down the line because that would definitely one more lame plot device thrown Kurt's way.
Plus, I think Nightcrawler would make a terrific villain. He was always underused as a hero and now he's been killed to drum up sales. Oh well, I guess it's more fan fiction than anything, but Kurt would make for crazy undead. 
Oh look, Nightcrawler just killed Gambit
Oh look, Nightcrawler just killed Gambit

Kurt skulking in the darkness
Kurt skulking in the darkness
So while Nightcrawler would be formidible by himself, there is always the possibility of Dracula getting involved. In fact, Kurt would likely be doing his master's bidding in the first place. 
From Westchester to Eastern Europe. The count calls the shots now, not Prof. X
From Westchester to Eastern Europe. The count calls the shots now, not Prof. X
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Considering that this is a dumb scenario/stupid idea, Marvel will probably do it and subsequently I will die a little more on the inside. Anyways, there are a lot of factors that would most likely screw up this scenario anyway. I hope they don't resurrect him period. His death was powerful and his funeral afterward was just as heart-breaking to read. Resurrecting this character would be a further insult to fans. If anything I would like them to at least try to bring up his Demon Mutant heritage in any res scenario if one is created.
Anyways, Dracula probably won't last long in the Marvel Universe. Considering the promo they just showed. I honestly hope for another vampire removal spell via Dr. Strange. And this time Dracula won't be on the moon.

Oh and by the way, Nightcrawler’s appearance is supposed to be ironic. The fact that he looks so evil yet is probably the most pious person in the Marvel Universe. Other than that, having a demonic looking villain is unoriginal and uncreative.

Also, vampires are a fad that will hopefully be staked before I my melts more from twilight fandom. The fact that Marvel is catering to the twilight crowd by releasing all this vampire crap close to the release to the new movie is quite dishonorable for a company that I held in such a high regard.

Also, the last time we had a drastic reinvention of a character we got OMD/BND and FrankenCastle. Nuff’ Said.

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It's a possibility. You never know what gonna happen next. But I hope not.

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A blood-sucking Catholic ? Are you mad?!
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3 words 
lol jk but that would be cool to see though

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