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Night Eagle appeared when Superman was being attacked by black spheres of Satanus's magic  and sent barn owls to disperse the spheres and free Superman . Later she sent an owl to Superman to lead him to her where she attempted to show him how to defend himslef against magic, and later she helped Lois enter hell, there Lois helped Superman free himself, and the two defeated Satanus. Night Eagle then vanished, but not before her face became turned in to the face of Satanus's sister, Blaze. Night Eagle's current status and identity are unknown.


Night Eagle can see into the afterlife, and see magical energies. She has the power to fly, and can disperse spells and dark magic with her owls (who seem to obey her thoughts). She can cloak herself with magic, appearing to one or two people, while being invisible to all others, and cannot be touched by physical entities

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