Sam Jackson Might Not Be Nick Fury

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#51 Posted by Shonen (829 posts) - - Show Bio
BriClops said:
" sam jackson would very well do anything for money cause thats what sellouts do, he also is terible and im not intimadated  by him in the least. He doesnt carry himself like a bad a$$ he just yells and curses n people call him one. maybe Erik King (dexter) because if they stick with the black fury that guy at least looks like he could beat your a$$. and terrance howerd is over rated and cheadle is better."
Better hope Mr. Jackson  doesn't spend his time surfing through comic boards or you might one day get close and personal with a light saber that has bad a** mother fuc*** on it.

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#52 Posted by BriClops (42 posts) - - Show Bio

lol if only i would be so lucky he can bring his master replica light saber ill bring my mop and we will duel, im pretty much a sith when it comes to moping, ya know the scourge of dirt so in principle ill just mop the floor with him, ha

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#53 Posted by The WeatherMan (3261 posts) - - Show Bio

Why do you guys say that if Samuel Jackson is in the movie then people would go see it? What about Robert Downey Jr.? Did he not COMPLETELY make the role of Tony Stark his in that movie? I would still definitely go see it with Jackson or not. It would be nice if they did have him in it though, I think he could play a good Nick Fury part.

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