Fury did Samuel L. Jackson play him right?

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When I saw him in Ironman 1 I thought wow that rocks! We need  Samuel L. Jackson!
but now I'm thinking not so much.
  I have no problem with Nick Fury being black or white or yellow or whatever color, but no matter what ethnicity plays him I think the character should still be like Nick Fury
One of the problems I got with Ironman 2  
Is I don't think Jackson really acts out the role like a true Nick Fury, maybe it was the writing or maybe it was that whole setting in the diner but it made me feel like he just plays the same kinda generic crazy badass you find in Snakes on a Plane, Pulp Fiction or  the Shaft remake. 
all too familiar, predictable...but not Nick Fury
Here's wishing they do it better for Avengers

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I see your point....I think the Ultimate character was based on Samuel L somewhat, it's great to have him in it....but I don't know? I'm sure he'll add more dimension to the character in a possible Nick Fury spinoff...and more to do in an Avengers Movie! 
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The Ultimate Nick Fury is not like the Earth 616 Nick fury, and he was based off of Samuel Jackson or at least this newest incarnation of him is.  Why would he look like Samuel L but then act like David Hasselhoff?  Hell even if he didn't look like Jackson he's still black, That makes it an obvious attempt at a different kind of character.  Maybe it's the way Sam L acts and that may not sit right with how some want to see Nick Fury, personally  i got what I expected and liked it this fury is more fun to me.

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Samuel L Jackson is like Arnold Swarzeneggar. He plays the same person in every role.
But i like  him.

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Yeah, Ultimate Nicky was based on Samuel more, he's not like the 616 Nick Fury.

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He did a good job playing ultimate nick, i just dont like ultimat nick that much he's a douche

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I thought he did well, I mean, five years ago the forum topic would have been like "OMG! HOW CRAZY/AWESOME WOULD IT BE IF SAM JACKSON PLAYED NICK FURY!?!?!" But now this is actually a reality. He didn't get too much screen time, but what he had, he did well.
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sam did great

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I'm gonna get some crap for this, but I don't care. Samuel L. Jackson isn't the worst possible pick for Fury, but he's SOOOOOOOOO overrated! There are so many better picks than Jackson to play Fury. Jackson is everywhere I look these days. Ed Harris would've been a good pick, IMO.

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Sam Jackson isn't playing Nick Fury in these movies...he's playing Samuel L Jackson with an eye patch
Evidently though the Ultimate Nick Fury was based off of him...so isn't within his rights to play himself??
If they had went with a white Nick Fury I think that Thomas Jane would have been a good pick, if nothing else that guys voice is often how I picture Fury sounding

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@Casket: Sam Jackson plays one and only character, Sam Jackson. I totally understand.

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