(1610) Anyone else find it odd?

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I have finally gotten around to reading the Ultimates(the first 4 volumes anyway) and I found something odd in Ultimates 2 Volume 2. When Nick Fury finds sees the video of Captain America killing Hawkeye's family he immediately goes to bring him in(and quite violently may I add). He doesn't doubt for a second that the video could have been tampered with, even though he himself says that his job is to not take things at face value but he accepts a video as if it were  infallible. Loki says that all he did was change the video to show Black Widow as Captain America. That means all fury had to do was use one of the dozens of satellites he has at his disposal to verify that Steve was only in Hawkeye's home and not anywhere else. I mean there is a mutant whose sole ability is to change appearance, another who can cause illusions, or the scarlet witch who can make just about anything she wants to happen. There are hundreds off explanations that are more likely that the man he has trusted for X amount of time suddenly turning on him.

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u have a point however much like any other media comics ocasionaly like to bend logic 4 drama
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it made it more entertaining though and that's what matters.
I don't read Comics or watch Movies for the "Realism"

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He probably just wanted to beat down Cap some. You're right, though, that's not really Fury's style.

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Or thing was that he could use the satellites, but Loki could've tampered with them as well. Think about it, Loki is a god so he can multi-task with the best of them.

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