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Has there been a collection book or an omnibus or something for the New X-Men?

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Don't think so but I'm not sure. Maybe someone who knows would be kind enough to tell you.

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There's been some trades. Think there's been like 5. Go to or amazon.

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G-Man says:

"There's been some trades. Think there's been like 5. Go to or amazon."

Well actually there have been 9 trade paperbacks.

The First 3 are under the title of "Academy X" and are set prior to House of M:

  • New X-Men Academy X: Choosing Sides collecting # 1 - 6.

  • New X-Men Academy X: Haunted collecting # 7 - 11.

  • New X-Men Academy X: X-Posed collecting # 12 - 15 & New X-Men Academy X Year Book Special.

The "House of M: Academy X" is set in the House of M universe:

New X-Men Academy X: House of M collecting numbers # 16 - 19.

These first four are very rare now, and are hard to get hold of in first hand condition: best bet is to get issues separately off ebay or if you are lucky get the collection on ebay or such.

Under Kyle and Yost's run the title changed from "New X-Men Academy X" to just "New X-Men":

  • New X-Men Childhood's End Volume 1: collecting # 20 - 23.

  • New X-Men Childhood's End Volume 2: collecting # 24 - 27.

  • New X-Men Childhood's End Volume 3: collecting # 28 - 32.

  • New X-Men Childhood's End Volume 4: collecting # 33 - 36.

  • New X-Men Childhood's End Volume 5: collecting # 37 - 43.

Issues # 44 - 46 will be collected in "Messiah Complex" hardcover.
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