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from the depths, an awakeining 0

I picked up this ish, out of sheer curiousity. Sure I'm trying to keep up with Endangered Species. But alot of the X-men titles are really diggin into their roots lately. And its a nice surprise, these story arc's work. I didnt get into the Magik mini-series thats going on right now, but if you pick this up, you already know whats going on. Which is a nice sensation, and it doesnt take you by the hand, it actually takes you by the throat. Now the mini-ES chapter, "Neverland" wonder what this cou...

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do sentinels go to hell? 0

best chapter in the arc so far, as a lot happens and the various settings/characters lace together really nicely. last issue felt a little shunted in places - which mighta been appropriate with so many students hobbled so far. but the pacing seems to be in line with more escalated circumstances. the kids are starting to fight back, a stake the lives on saving each other. the tides are about to turn and helps on the way. it should really give everyone hope about the finally, except that this titl...

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