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The curtain starts to open, revealing the atrocities being performed in Sunfire’s Japan. Will the young Hellions team put a stop to these horrors, or will they simply follow orders and allow these crimes against humanity to continue? The answer just might surprise you! Part 3 (of 4).

After a brief tussle, the New Mutants convince the Japanese terrorists that they are genuine in their desire to help shut down Project: Genesis. Unbeknownst to them, Laurie Garrison is a deep cover SHIELD agent. She calls in the terrorists’ location and the Hellions arrive to arrest them. Surge commandeers the Hellions’ teleporter and forces Magik to take them inside Project: Genesis. They all see the true purpose of Genesis: to force mutation upon normal humans. This process often has fatal results. Meanwhile, Karma uncovers the truth about Sean Garrison. Not only is he a SHIELD spy as well, he came up with the idea for Project: Genesis. She and her ally, Doug Ramsey are discovered by Garrison who turns his pheromones against them. In Japan, the Hellions side with the New Mutants in opposing Project: Genesis and Laurie Garrison’s duplicity is revealed. She then uses her pheromones to force the Hellions, New Mutants and the human terrorists into a killing frenzy.

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