Ultimate and 616 Marvel Universe Multiverse

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So, I finally read the first three New Avengers that came about with MARVEL NOW! this brought about some questions...

Have they/are they going to stop whatever caused the multiverses to collide within the regular Universe? I'm not much of an Ultimate fan, mainly because I haven't stayed caught up with them. But, to retain Marvel Multiverse consistency, there should be some parallel event to what has happened in the New Avengers.

What are your thoughts on this? Is it going to happen? How would/will they stop it?!?

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@fatfriar_16: For Marvel's continuity sake The Ultimate Universe should be incorporated somehow but it would have to be in either 2 ways..

1.616 is going to collide with the Ultimate Universe

2.Ultimate Universe is going to collide with another universe

I believe #1 is going to happen it'd it hasn't yet, I strongly believe it hasn't for I'm following This story line heavily..

#2 isn't going To happen IMO The Ultinate Universe has its on plots going on, The incursions are mainly 616 drama/conflict..Unless Editors want to erase that universe in the incursions

As to how they'll solve..!!!!! Who the hell knows!! Rabam Allah & Ivory Kings seems to hold the key....

With the new Secret Wars,Civil Was, House of M 2015 solicitations Ibeefibitely believe the incursions will be the cause of those events poppin back up....I think Marvel may even reboot which I hope they don't do..No need for it like DC that had too many parallel Universe & characters mixed up in it

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