The New Avengers Animated Series

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If the New Avengers got an Animated Series the ran parallel with Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes, who would be on the team and who would voice them?


For me we have


The New Avengers Earth's Bravest Heroes


 The Team The Team-

Luke Cage/Power Man-The Hero (voiced by Khary Payton)

Danny Rand/Iron Fist-The Lancer (voiced by Kyle Hebert)

Peter Parker/Spider-Man-The Smart Guy (voiced by Josh Keaton)

Logan/Wolverine-The Big Guy (voiced by Steve Blum)

Jessica Jones/Jewel-The Chick (voiced by Wendy Thomson)

Matt Murdock/Daredevil-The Sixth Ranger (voiced by Cam Clark)

Dr. Steven Strange/Dr. Strange-The Mentor/Medic (voiced by Derek Stephen Prince)

Victoria Hand-The Bumble Bee (Ankle Biter) (voiced by Michelle Ruff)


The Main Villains-

Dormammu-The Big Bad (voiced by Michael T. Weiss)

Parker Robbins/The Hood-The Dragon (voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch)

Calvin Carr/Chemistro-The Evil Genius (voiced by Nolan North)

Wendell Dichinson/Bloodshed-The Brute (voiced by Mark Hamill)

Whitney Frost/Madame Masque-The Dark Chick (voiced by Terra Strong)

Tony Masters/Taskmaster-Enigmatic Minion (voiced by Steve Blum)


The team's perpose is to find and put down the Hood's gang and to take down anything that might have thier name on it.

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Your rosters actually pretty good.


I would add  Luke Cage(voiced by Khary Payton)

                       Maya Lopez/Echo(Voiced by Alli Mauzey)

                       PeterParker/Spider-Man(voiced by Rino Romano)

                       Danny Rand/Ironfist( Yuri Lowenthal)

                       James Howlett/Wolverine(Cal Dodd)

                       Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman(Tasia Valenza)


                      Parker Robbins/The Hood(voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas)

                      Calvin Carr/Chemistro(Robert Axelrod)

                     Whitney Frost/Madame Masque(Grey Delisle)

Honestly I would love to see this show. Who would we have to talk to to get this made?                         

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I think this could get made Since Michael Bendis is producing  Ultimate Spider-man.

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who is wendy thompson ? i don't know who she is. i would go for jennifer  hale for jessica jones. the rest of the cast. what do  some of the archtype  mean for daredevil  the sixth ranger, ironfist the lancer , & victoria hand the bumblebee?

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Check out this page it will clear it up.

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thanks shadowsnake89. 

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That sounds like an amazing roster to run along the avengers cartoon! i would definitely watch that!

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Wendy Tomson is an alias for voice actress Tricia Dickson, look her up on wiki.

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ok i will Overseer. 
kevin michael richardson should voice luke cage, not khary payton his voice is too soft  the rest of the cast is good. 

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Wolverine's probably not available, sadly. 
Jewel... is, sorry, a dumb idea, and you know you're only throwing her in because she's married to Cage in the comics.  Of course, since you're talking a "new series", you're not talking a straight-up comic adaptation. 
Spiderman, even more sadly, is probably not available.  BUT, supposing he was (and I really hope he was), this would spell trouble for a Spiderwoman being on the team unless they tied her powers to his.  A Spiderwoman being introduced mid-season, as an attempt to replicate Spiderman's powers, would be pretty interesting. 
Daredevil should not be on this team, period. 
Oddly, though, I'd be all for Echo. 
Victoria Hand is even more of a no-go, especially since she's evil and all that. 
The big problem you have with this is that it can't have all of the big names in the mighty avengers helping it out. 
An ideal team might look something like this: 
Cage (reluctant leader) 
Iron Fist (Cage's friend, martial artist,  blah blah.  They're friends in the beginning of the series). 
Spiderman (name brand recognition, ends up being science guy)/. 
Dr. Strange 
Jessica Drew-SpiderWoman (ugh...)
Jewel (Okay, sorry, it's still epically stupid... but I'm throwing her in for...) 
Squirrel Girl (Nanny... and super hero!).

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@labarith: When I posted this I was thinking more "hypotheticly speaking". If you don't agree with the roster/cast, more power to you, that's just who I'd like to see. I'm going for a more so "classical New Avengers" if that makes any sense (probably doesn't). I always was fond of the mixed matched "what the hell were you thinking?" teams, the teams that aren't ideal in any sense of the word. I myself am not that fond of Squirel Girl (I like her but not that much) and I assossiate Echo and Spider Woman with Daredevil and Deadpool/Heroes For Hire (long story) respectively. I'll admit I am kind of "Draco in Leather Pants"-ing (TvTropes) Victoria Hand but I can't help it, I like her. Jewel (the way I see the series in my head) does not start off in any relationship with Luke aside from some hints. Lastly I think the New Avengers aren't supposed to be linked to many big name heroes as the Mighty Avengers have that claim, hence the reason for Spidey and Wolverine. The New Avengers are kind of the modern West Coast Avengers.

@darkcloakx: At the time of the original post I didn't know who Kevin Michael Richardson was and while I still stand by Khary Payton, I would like to see Richardson voice Luke.

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