Are The New New Avengers Just The Old New Avengers?

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Another day, another Marvel Avengers reveal. This one isn't much of a surprise. We've been waiting and counting on this.

Just like with yesterday's reveal that Spider-Man would be New Avenger, I'm left wondering what the heck is going on? It looks like both Spidey and Wolverine aren't good enough to be regular Avengers. They have to be "New" Avengers...still. The team isn't looking too different from what we currently have. Wolverine, Spider-Man and Luke Cage so far. Who's next?
Also, I'm still wondering why there'll be a need for three different Avengers team (not counting the Avengers Academy). We can assume that the Secret Avengers will take on darker/covert missions. Who knows who will be backing them or leading them. The Avengers with Iron Man, Thor and Captain America look like the clean cut version that "America" would want. Since Spidey and Wolverine are more like black sheep, they may have been forced to work slightly in the shadows. I wonder if all teams will have the same health benefits. We know that Spidey's going to need it since he's getting fired today in his own title.
Will this mean Wolverine will spend less time in the X-Men or will he still use his other mutant power of appearing on different teams (as well as X-Force and his own titles)? Who will be revealed to be a New Avenger next?
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Hehehe.... knew it

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So tomorrow, I expect Ms. Marvel on this "new" team.

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Or Thor
plus, Thunderbolts are the avengers then.

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i so called this yesterday
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@joshmightbe said:
" i so called this yesterday "
me too ;p
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next they'll have him joining the fantastic 4 and the gaurdians of the galaxy cause apparently hes not in enough books
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What's the point of the reboot? A clean slate and fresh start after Norman Osborne? The New Avengers was launched after Disassembled where Wanda snapped - since then there's been a bunch of stuff going on - like Civil War and Secret Invasion and no reboot because of either one of those events, Why reboot now? 

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I hope its Ms. Marvel, with her book just ending (Which was a very very horrible ending  btw) they could really use her on this team

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I said that Wolverine and Spider-Man were just guest starring in Avengers #1! 
Welll the New Avengers don't seem to be changing much....
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This is just silly
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Ohhh man I know what the next big marvel event is going to be  HEROES DAY IN COURT! copyright lawsuit battle for use of the name THE AVENGERS!

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Yeah Bub! I am still going to be everywhere bub! 
Next one will be Jewel or Echo
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I knew this was coming...but it doesn't make it any less stupid

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Would you really say that Spider-Woman is more media friendly than Spider-Man, Cage, and Wolverine? Afterall, her face was kind of forever branded on Secret Invasion. 
I'd also say once Norman is taken down, the reputation of Hawkeye, Spidey, Ms Marvel, Wolverine, and Sentry would realistically take a hit in public opinion. Even if it's just in peoples' guts, it'd be hard to fully trust those heroes after having seen "them" (or actually him in the case of Sentry) do what they're doing.

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I don't get the point of starting the title over and keeping the same team.

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Avengers team is Copywritten to the osborn Avengers, so the old avengers that want to come back together got to be named "New Avengers".
as easy as that.

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Why? and I was actually excited about a Marvel book. (other than Daredevil) Silly me.

#20 Posted by They Killed Cap! (2268 posts) - - Show Bio

... this is kinda lame.
#21 Posted by DMC (2006 posts) - - Show Bio

I guess you're still considered a Newbie after 5 years (our time)   -_-

#22 Posted by The_Martian (37399 posts) - - Show Bio
@DMC said:
" I guess you're still considered a Newbie after 5 years (our time)   -_- "
I guess if you compare it to the other 40 years they would be.
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 This isn't the team I quite expected. It's just a recycled roster. I was hoping for something a little more original and different. 
Throws away his hope card

#24 Posted by warlock360 (28180 posts) - - Show Bio
@Nobody said:
" @DMC said:
" I guess you're still considered a Newbie after 5 years (our time)   -_- "
I guess if you compare it to the other 40 years they would be. "
what scale are you two going by <.<?
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No more are needed!
#26 Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon (2265 posts) - - Show Bio

i wonder what the whole roster after siege will be for all these teams

#27 Posted by Shadey (197 posts) - - Show Bio

I see them building a second big 3 with Cage, Spiderman, and Wolverine.

#28 Posted by R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. (26 posts) - - Show Bio

be realistic  one of his team is on the east and the other on the west
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@RoninKane said:
No more are needed! "
yaeh the avengers dont take shit from any STDs!!
#30 Posted by RoninKane (80 posts) - - Show Bio
Nice! I'm a retard, but I make a pretty picture. 
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wow people crying about wolverine. so unheard of.  im sure that "new" is merely the title of the book. i doubt they will be refering to themselves as that. merely multiple teams of avengers. do any xmen refer to themselves as "uncanny"? or "astonishing"?

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yeah G-Man, id say the Avengers and New Avengers are just the New Avengers, next chapter.
doesnt really dissapoint me though, but thats probably because i was never convinced of anything else,
not from the second i noticed Bendis was manning it all. also agree though with anyone else that the big 
" surprise " ads, only to not, well be anyhting surprising can come to an end in favor of them just telling us 
everything about the book. im cool with that, thats why previews carry spoilers anyways, for those who want to know what its about before deciding to buy the book.

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@JohnDaley: Looks like the "New Avengers" and "Avengers" are two genuinely different teams, if Age of Heroes 3 is any judge. If they weren't two different teams, they wouldn't need a separate coordinator and liaison for each team. IMO, it's still ridiculous, especially given the bleed-over in terms of team members between them.

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