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Preview, Sister
Preview, Sister

Sarah lived with her mother who is a workaholic after her parents separated. Though intelligent, she was shy like her sister Preview, but was not a trouble maker, instead preferring to use the computer all day, until one day the computer "answered" her. She thought she was seeing things, until, playing with a gameboy she accidentally used her powers to influence the car. 

Alpha Squadron
Alpha Squadron

Her name, powers and codename were revealed in New X-Men: Yearbook Special #1. She was voted most likely to be a millionaire after graduation. She was one of the students who lost their powers following the House of M/ Decimation event. Network was on the bus of depowered mutants that was destroyed by agents of William Stryker; she was among those who were killed.

She was depowered after M-Day, and killed in an attack by William Stryker and his men.


Sarah possesses technopathy/cyberpathy: she can mentally communicate with and control all forms of electronic machinery, letting her access computer files and manipulate programming to suit her needs. The extent of her powers was unrevealed.

Other Media

Wolverine And The X-Men
Wolverine and the X-Men
Wolverine and the X-Men

Sarah Vale together with the other mutants was on a ship going to Genosha when the Reavers attacked them. Believing that her powers would be powerless in fighting them, Nightcrawler persuaded them to join forces so that they can defeat the Reavers. She talked to the ship with her powers and she was able to make it operate.

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