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 His father belonged to the family of Domizi Enobarbi, a race considered "plebeian nobility" (or newer), while the mother was the daughter of award-leader Germanicus, grandson of Mark Antony,Agrippa and Augustus, and sister of the emperor Caligula then it was his maternal uncle.

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In 39 Agrippina Minor, his mother, described by many as ruthlessly ambitious, was found involved in a conspiracy against his brother Caligula, and was then exiled to the island of Pandataria. The following year her husband, Gnaeus died, and his property was confiscated by Caligula himself.

Lucio meanwhile was in the care of her aunt and the nurses Domizia Lepida Egogle and Alessandra. Being the aunt not to high economic status, in these early tutors were a barber and a dancer, from whom he learned Lucio love for dance and for the show.

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In 41 Caligula was assassinated, and he could return to Rome, Agrippina Minor and caring for a child of the age of four years, and through which he intended to carry out his work of revenge. Lucio was given to two Greek freedmen (Aniceto and Beryl) and then continue their studies with two scholars of the time: Chaeremon of Alexandria and Alexander Ege, through which the young student developed his own philhellenism.

In 49 Agrippina Minor married the emperor Claudius, who was his uncle, and obtained the withdrawal of the exile of Seneca, in order to use the words of the philosopher as a new tutor to the son. Furthermore, as the young Lucius showed more affection for her aunt Domizia Lepida, Agrippina for jealousy, made charges of plotting against the Emperor and obtained by Claudio's death sentence. On this occasion, the eleven-year-Lucio was threatened and forced by his mother to testify against her aunt. Soon after, he was forced betrothal to Octavia, daughter of Claudius, of eight years.  

The first scandal of Nero's reign coincided with his first marriage, which is considered incestuous, with his cousin Claudia Octavia, daughter of his uncle Claudius Nero later divorced her when she fell in love with Poppea. This is described as a remarkably beautiful woman, would be involved before marriage with the emperor, in a love affair with Marco Salvio Otho, a friend of Nero himself.  In 59 Poppea was suspected of organizing the murder of Agrippina, and Otho was sent as governor of Lusitania, today's Portugal.

Nero married Poppea in 62 after having repudiated Claudia Octavia to sterility and relegated it in Campania. Some popular demonstrations in favor of his first wife, convinced the Emperor of the need to eliminate it, after accusing him of treason.

But she died the same year, perhaps killed by order of Nero, and Seneca retired to private life, the post of prefect of the Praetorian was assigned to Tigellinus (previously exiled by Caligula for adultery with Agrippina). Were simultaneously introduced a series of laws on treason, which resulted in the execution of many death sentences. In 63 Nero and Poppea had a daughter, Claudia Augusta, but he died as an infant.

The Great Fire of Rome

While Rome Burns
While Rome Burns
At the outbreak of the Great Fire of Rome in 64, the emperor was at Anzio, but immediately joined the City for knowing the extent of the danger and decide countermeasures, efficiently organized relief efforts, participating in the first person to efforts to extinguish the fire. Nero accused the Christians living in Rome. Anywhere from two hundred to three hundred Christians were put to death.   

He was then accused, after death, of having caused the fire himself. Despite the reconstruction of events is uncertain and many aspects of the matter is still controversial, the iconographic image of the emperor playing the lyre from the highest point of the Palatino while Rome burned is widely regarded as outdated and unreliable. On the contrary, even the emperor opened his gardens to rescue people and had incurred the hatred of the nobles by sequestering huge quantities of food to eat. On the occasion of the reconstruction work, Nero and those new-looking building regulations designed to curb the excesses of speculation and draw a new urban plan, which is still based on the city. After he regained the fire destroyed a large area, by achieving the pharaonic building complex known as the Domus Aurea , his personal residence, which came to include the Palatine, the slopes of the Esquiline (opium) and part of the Celio, for an extension of about 2.5 square miles (250 hectares).


In 65 pisoniana conspiracy was discovered (so named by Gaius Calpurnius Piso), and the conspirators, including Seneca, were forced to commit suicide. The same fate also Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo. At that time, then, according to Christian tradition, Nero ordered the beheading of St. Paul and, later, his crucifixion. 

In the same year, Poppea, Nero's waiting for the second died due to a pregnancy-related accident. According to Suetonius, however, Nero would have divorced her to marry Messalina Statilia and Poppea, retired at her villa at Oplontis, near Pompeii, would have died in 79 during the eruption of Vesuvius. 

In 67, the emperor traveled between the islands of Greece, aboard a luxurious galley on which amused the guests (among them all dumbfounded notables of the cities visited and tax of Rome, including Athens) with performances, while in Rome , Ninfidio Sabino (Tigellinus colleague, who had taken the place of the conspirators pisoniani) was acquiring the consent of the Praetorian Guard and senators. 

Before leaving Greece, Personals, putting themselves at the center of the stage isthmus at Corinth before the celebration of the Panhellenic games, the decision to restore freedom to the poleis, eliminating the provincial government of Rome. 

Foreign Policy 

Under Nero, the king of Parthia Vologeses I put on the throne of the kingdom of Armenia Tiridates his brother, the late 54. This convinced Nero that was necessary to start preparations for war in view of an impending military campaign. Domitius Corbulo was sent to quell the skirmishes between local people and small group of Romans. In fact there was a real war until 58 AD After the conquest of Artaxata in 58 and the city of Tigranocesta, in 59, placed on the throne of King Tigranes IV shares, 60. The new king was not very favorable influence of the Romans and his brother Tiridates was replaced in the same 64. He died as the last outbreak of war and Nero was able to claim the title of Imperator (Pacator) crowned in Rome Tiridates The King and inaugurating the same time, the celebrations for the anniversary of the first three hundredth anniversary of the closing doors of the temple of Janus (236 BC) to the ecumenical peace achieved in the whole empire. Nero did mint a coin on which the obverse is his image with a crown proudly bearing the inscription: "IMP NERO CAESAR AVG GERM" on the back and the temple of Janus "in camera" with the words: " PACE PR Ubiq PARTAIANVM CLVSIT SC. For the first time, therefore, an emperor of Rome boasts the title of Emperor. During his principality continued the conquest of Britain, although in 60-61 years was interrupted by a rebellion led by a certain Boudicca. 

Death and burial

Gaius Julius Vindex, governor of Gaul Lugdunense, rebelled after the return of the emperor in Rome, Nero and this led to a new wave of repression: among others, the general ordered the suicide Servius Sulpicius Galba, then governor of the Hispanic provinces. He, given no other alternative, declared his allegiance to the senate and Roman people no longer recognize the authority of Nero. Lucius Clodius also rebelled then Macero, commander of the legion III Augusta in Africa, blocking the supply of grain for the city of Rome. Nimfidio bribed the Praetorian Guard, who rebelled in their turn to Nero, with the promise of money by Galba. Finally, the Senate deposed him and Nero committed suicide on June 9, 68 which, they say, was helped by the freedman Epaphroditus. 

Nero's body was cremated and his ashes deposited in an urn of porphyry, surmounted by an altar of Luna marble. The burial site was the tomb of Domizi, under the present basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo.     

Requiem: Chevalier Vampire

    The proud Roman Emperor of antiquity...
  The proud Roman Emperor of antiquity...
When Nero died, he was resurrected in Hell (another name for Resurrection) as a vampire because of his astonishing cruelty in life. Because he lived earlier than both Attila and Dracula, it can be assumed that he held some measure of power over Resurrection due to his standing as one of the most brutal creatures in Hell. But when Dracula arrived, he assimilated into the Count's court.
After the Archaeologist is punished, he is ripe for taunting from Nero
After the Archaeologist is punished, he is ripe for taunting from Nero
Nero is first seen in Dracula's lair as part of his personal entourage. He laments over the fact that he has only one organic arm and thus cannot play the lyre to the tune of Dracula's victims roasting on the crucifixes outside, which is no doubt a reference to his concert during the Great Fire of Rome. Oddly, he resembles Doctor Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Nero displays a strong sadist personality in that he wants to violently maim and/or torture the Archaeologist responsible for relaying messages back and forth from the Hierophants to Dracula. This almost comes voluntarily, as Dracula displays little (if any) quality of concern for the Archaeologist. After Dracula gives the order to have the Archaeologist's mask permanently nailed to his face for dishonoring his presence, Nero is seen taunting the Archaeologist while he crawls around on the floor in agony.

Powers and Abilities 

A sadist, just as he was in life     
A sadist, just as he was in life     
It can be assumed that Nero has inherited most, if not all, of the powers that define a traditional vampire. He has received a Dark Kiss along with the rest of Dracula's favored vampire allies, allowing him to retain his youth. As in life, he seems to be an immature clown obsessed with the pain of others. 

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