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 Nemsus is one of the Overlords Eight, a group of powerful other dimensional sorcerers. For years, Nemsus has tried to harness power with his darklings to invade Earth. During a failed mission by the X-men, Nemsus captured Cain Marko, better known as the Juggernaut. Nemsus held him for years trying to wear him down and take his powers into his own. Following a string of nightmares from Zane Yama, Doc Magus tried to find the source of his nightmares and discovered that Nemsus was trying to invade Earth again. After a brief battle, Doc Magus discovered Marko's location in the pocket dimension and staged a rescue mission with J2 and Dr. Strange in recovering Cain. However, when they found him, Nemsus revealed that he allowed them to travel this far so he could find his way back to Earth. However, Dr. Strange brought the Hulk and Namor, the Sub-mariner with him and a large battle broke out. J2 finally defeated Nemsus while he was battling his father and knocked him to the far corners of his dimension. They soon returned back to Earth and Nemsus tried to regroup. He eventually found another door to Earth open and tried to invade with his darklings. However, the combined forces of J2, Doc Magus and Spider-girl help seal the rift and closed Nemsus back in his own dimension. He continues to plot and some day conquer Earth.

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