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Rival Schools: United by Fate

Natsu Ayuhara 
Natsu Ayuhara 
                 Natsu Ayuhara is a prominent member of the volleyball team from Gorin High School, a school known for its athletics. Despite her boyish facade, her teammates and friends always saw her as a big sister and someone to look up to. These include Roberto Miura, a member of the soccer team, and Shoma Sawamura, a hothead from the baseball team. Natsu does not always get along with Shoma, thus Roberto stands as a mediator between them. 

In Japan, attacks on high schools and a number of missing people have been reported. In Gorin High School, three members of the volleyball team and two from the soccer team have been kidnapped while the baseball team was apparently attacked. Unfortunately, the latter left Shuuichi, Shoma's brother, injured. With the desire for vengeance, Shoma decides to go after the culprits. Natsu and Roberto tags along as they knew Shoma could not do it on his own.

The Gorin trio headed to Gedo High School where Natsu and Shoma suspected the culprits came from. With Shoma's temper, he and Roberto engaged in a fight against Edge and Gan, while Natsu and Akira watched at the sides. Moments later, an explosion was set off on one of Gedo's walls, paving the way for the entry of the Taiyo students Batsu, Hinata and Kyosuke. Natsu recognized Hinata as she is her childhood friend. The heat of the fight shifted from the Gorin to the Taiyo students, as Natsu and her peers watched the Taiyo students square off against Gedo students. When the fight was over, everyone decided to focus on Justice High School as Hinata told everyone about some students wearing Justice uniforms were the ones who caused the explosion. Again, Shoma lead the Gorin trio to Justice High. Along the way, they encountered two faculty members from Justice, Hideo and Kyoko.

 Versus Kyoko
 Versus Kyoko
The Gorin trio engaged in a fight against the two Justice teachers, although this time, Natsu decided to fight alongside her friends. Using their individual and team skills, Natsu, Shoma and Roberto defeated Kyoko and Hideo. In the process, the Gorin trio also managed to release the two from an apparent brainwashing. Then, Hideo and Kyoko invited the Gorin trio to Justice High. Upon reaching the school, Natsu and the rest managed to sneak into the laboratory where the abducted people were kept. At the end of the story, Natsu, Shoma and Roberto were shown to have rescued to abducted people including Daigo, Akira's brother and Shizuku, Batsu's mother.

Powers and Abilities

Natsu Ayuhara is an excellent athlete in the field of volleyball. Thus, she is always seen utilizing her volleyball skills and techniques and incorporating these in her fighting skills. Her main attack is the use of volleyballs as projectile attacks which she can hit with such power and accuracy. 

Being a player of a team sport, Natsu is also a good team player, even cheering her teammates whenever needed. It is also noted that she is a good cook.    

In Other Media

 Project Justice
 Project Justice
Natsu is a playable character in the following video games:
  • Rival Schools: United by Fate
  • Nekketsu Seisyun Nikki 2
  • Project Justice

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