Could Naruto Out-wit an opponent?

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A month or so ago I saw an episode of the english dub of Naruto: Shippuden, where they're fighting 3 rogue ninjas in a strange network of caves conjured by the ringleader in what used to be a wide open meadow. Naruto ends up fighting one of the female ones, Fuka, who can control all four styles of chakra (and wanted to put a life-draining smooch on his face).  I was just thinking of what would happen if Naruto tried to out-wit her instead of taking her head-on a second time, but in a really funny way-the way Peter Griffin did to Brian in that episode of Family Guy where he and James Woods become friends (which in turn spoofed a game show whose name escapes me). Something like this: 
Naruto (thinking up a delaying tactic quickly): Wait, WAIT! (Fuka stops advancing towards Naruto). Before you try to leave a mark, can I just ask you a few questions please? 
Fuka: What kind of questions? 
Naruto: Uh, ones where I give you a clue about the person, place, or thing I'm thinking of and you have to answer with the name of that person, place or thing, and with a twist towards the end of the set? 
Fuka: Okay, try me. 
Naruto: The kid sidekick to Hawkman called Golden Eagle? 
Fuka: Charley Parker 
Naruto: The drummer for the Rolling Stones? 
Fuka: Charlie Watts 
Naruto: The voice actor? 
Fuka: Charlie Adler 
Naruto: The guy who played Ferris Bueller in a short-lived sitcom? 
Fuka: Charlie Schlatter 
Naruto: The guy who played the Tramp? 
Fuka: Charlie Chaplin 
Naruto: The ventriloquist dummy used by Edgar Bergen? 
Fuka: Charlie McCarthy 
Naruto: Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore? 
Fuka: Charlie's Angels 
Naruto: The Chinese detective? 
Fuka: Charlie Chan 
Naruto: The fish on the tuna cans? 
Fuka: Charlie the Tuna 
Naruto: The 2004 storm in Florida? 
Fuka: Hurricane Charley 
Naruto: The 1968 movie with Cliff Robertson? 
Fuka: Charly 
Naruto: The guy from Two and A Half Men? 
Fuka: Charlie Sheen 
Naruto: The guy from The Breakfast Club? 
Fuka: Emilio Estevez 
Naruto: No, the other guy from The Breakfast Club. 
Fuka, surprised: Oh, uh, uh, uh, An-Anthony Michael Hall! 
(Buzzer sounds) 
Naruto (holding up some index cards, speaking like a game show host): Oh, I'm sorry, it was Judd Nelson, we were looking for Judd Nelson.  Thanks for playing, we were glad to have you on. 
Fuka (blushing, turning away): Oh, it was okay, I was just happy to be on TV-( turns back around with an angry look and tone) WAITAMINUTE!!!!! 
(Naruto's taken an opportunity to run away.)

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And this should probably be in fanfics.

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