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Who would be your choice to write it? As a writer myself, and adoring fan of the Prince of the Blood, it's a big deal to me that just the right person does. What settings would they choose?  
I, for one, think they should get the guy that wrote the Iron Man scripts. Those were well-written, humorous and serious at the same time. 

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David Self supposedly wrote an EPIC underwater setting script for the Namor movie, back when Universal had the rights.  I'd loved to read it.  If we have unlimited resources, I'd love to see an underwater high fantasy in the vein of LOTR.  Or a period piece, origin story, set in 1939 with Namor's first encounters with the surface world and falling for Betty Dean, with the backdrop of WWII looming.  In either case, I want some REAL emotion, romance and adventure.  As for specific writers, I'm not sure I'm familiar with enough screenwriters to pick.

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I'd really like to see some kind of mixture of the two, or maybe a movie that (not exactly faithful to the source material). . .  
Pearl harbor happens (1941) 
Namor somehow gets roped into it  
Meets Betty Dean  
Meets the Invaders but don't form a team (I wouldn't want a Namor/team for his screen debut)    
Punches a Nazi (Always fun)  
Boom, Namor movie. 
I feel like it wouldn't really be difficult to do this character justice and make it fun. There's a point, with a guy like Namor, where you really have to 'wing' it, and have a lot of fun with the character. The writer has to be someone that really loves him though, a fan of every Namor. (the only one I don't like is the 80s and 90s one, and it's mostly because I don't like the 80s or 90s in comics like, at all, unless it's Thor). 

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Yes, I've often thought a WWII / origin movie about Namor is a pretty straightforward, but it appears to be a hard sell.  I would love it if they played the romance with Betty Dean with the repartee of movies of that period, like His Girl Friday.  That would be fabulous!  Though there aren't many writers now who could handle that.  I saw on IMDB, they are now listing the Sub-Mariner movie with a 2014 release date ... but absolutely no information, including who is making it.
Many comic book writers don't capture the 'fun' of the character.  I was moaning elsewhere that all the upcoming appearances are of Cranky Namor.  :(   Silver Age Namor is my favorite, but a lot of folks like the 90s Byrne Namor, but I liked the Jae Lee run, even though his style was quite different from his present style and very 90s.  The Bob Harras story was a dark fantasy, which I really liked.  But it wasn't exactly what I would call fun.

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I don't even really care about the story. Shoot, he's the most ridiculous character Marvel's got!!!  
What I really care about is the people around him. He should be surrounded by people who know he's a total jerk, but quality characters nonetheless. Like Betty Dean!  
I gotta confess, I haven't read any of those. I just got my first Namor Comic, and it was Namor First Mutant #5. I wasn't impressed. With the writing or the art. 

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Oh, I could think of plenty more ridiculous characters than Namor, but he's not your everyday or modern character, that's for sure.  But as Karl Kesel said, he can be the funniest character in the MU.
That's one of the things I like about Namor.  He's one of the few Marvel characters that, well, I don't want to say defined, but I'd say is very much reflected in the women in his life.
I didn't care for the art on that issue of Namor, but I really liked the story.  That said, it's not the issue I'd recommend for your first issue.  I'll have to give this some thought when I'm not falling asleep. :)

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@Rheged: I'd really like a take on Namor where he's realizing he's getting older and things with New Atlantis are smoothing out, and where he decides that he just wants to lighten up a little bit and make up for the more. . . okay, less than awesome things he's done in his life.  
I'm the last person to bash another artist, but the art was JUST THAT BAD. I can't believe Marvel sometimes. 
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@TypingKira:  That one issue had TWO very different artists.  One of the artists had THREE inkers.  So, yeah.  I think Marvel deserves to be bashed for the art on that issue.  But Marvel has really jerked that book around as far as the art goes.
My goodness.  That's quite a bit of making up to do!  LOL!
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@Rheged: Wait, three? I'm a penciller, but even I know that there should only be ONE inker. It was the art in the first part that I hated, But Olivietti's work was pretty good. 
 I'm VERY new to western comics. Only been into them for about eight months. Six of which I spent being jobless. . . So yes, I need to pick me up some TPBs. 
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@TypingKira:   Olivetti's work, which is not really inked, as he does all his coloring digitally, was the modern sections, the ones with Loa.  The flashback sections set in the 40s with Betty Dean were done by one artist, but each of those three different sections (Destroyer, Lover, Egotist) was inked by a different inker.  It wasn't as bad as it could have been, because they were 3 separate chapters over time, but I didn't think it was successful.
You certainly have jumped in with both feet. :)  Glad to hear the job situation is better.
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Yeah but as much as I'd love to see Namor running (or perhaps swimming) around punches Nazis and putting the boot to U-Man's ass, I'm also torn by a desire to see him hanging out in the modern era, maybe stopping Krang or Attuma from invading or unleashing creatures like Titano upon, the surface world, while coming to a begrudging realization that us surface dwellers aren't all his enemies. *shrugs* 
I'd LOVE to see him brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but I doubt that it'll come to that... right now at least.  

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@SuperXAsh: That would be nice. I'd like to see him pop up somehow in the avengers movie. That'd be SWEET. like just a glimpse of atlantis, or a location on a map like in Iron Man 2. 

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