Remy McKenzie!!

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Hi there,
Ok, I think many ppl already know who is that and how come, BUT actually I don't understand!!. On his profile "On his world designated Earth 6706 .. etc" .. WHAT IS THAT?  Earth 6706? how this work? I mean I see here and there things call "Earth #" .. how these Earths work?! and is it like normal univese we get used to?. I tried to read and understand but I failed to get the main idea! :s ..
Excuse my english.
Thanks :)

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@Meesho:   Remy McKenzie appeared in Exiles which was a comic about a super hero team that jumped from one parallel Earth to another.  Each of these Earths are labeled with different numbers.  Most of the parallel or alternate universes of the What If? comics were given numbers.  The main Earth, where the main Marvel Universe events happen is Earth 616.  The Ultimate Universe is labeled Earth 1610.
Back to Remy ... on a parallel Earth, Namor's father was black.  And Namor ended up marrying Susan Storm and having many children including Remy.  Apparently, in that universe, Namor and Gambit were friends and he named his son after Gambit.
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@Rheged:  Thank you for you answer, but I still confused ..
in link danhimself gave me there's a list:

1602 - Earth-311
Age of Apocalypse - Earth-295
Days of Future Past -  Earth-811
Earth X - Earth-9997
House of M -  Earth-58163
Mangaverse -  Earth-2301  
Marvel Zombies - Earth-2149
MC2 - Earth-982
Mutant X - Earth 1298
Ultimate Universe - Earth-1610
ok, I read most of them and the explaination of the page dan gave me! but I'm wondering! it's better to make it as a list to be much clearer!
- It says "Reality" for each earth, is that make other earths of the same people from the original earth "unreal"?
- In Earth-616, we know the whole character's features and many other details!, why are there some major changes in the other earths? how come? (ex. Namor and Sue is impossible to be togather for now, how are they became together and have many kids?)
- Are these earths do something with time shifting?!
I'm sorry pals, but I'm eager to know about this and I feel there's something I dont get! o.O .. lol
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The major, or minor changes, are what make it an alternate Earth.  That's the premise of What If? comics, that at a point in time something, or several things, different happened, and from that point, an alternate or parallel Earth was created.  In the case of Remy McKenzie's world, the Fantastic Four's super-power creating space trip ended with a crash landing in the ocean, and the death of everyone but Susan Storm, who Namor rescued.
Most of the time, I would say, people of other realities / universes are real.
I'm not sure what you mean by time shifting.

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Ok, that really helps :), Thank you very much for your reply, I think the picture became clearer :).
lol, no problem, I meant by "time shifting", that I thought in Remy's Earth Namor and FF travel timing to somewhere in the future! lol. but I think I got it!. Thanks again ..

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