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In 1866, Arthur Valence, the Duke of Marston, along with his four closest associates, vanished from the face of the Earth. These five men were known as the Society for Cryptozoological Research. It is now 1893, and his son Kenneth, Lord Marston, has given up his life of decadent indulgence to take up his father's mantle. Now he leads the Society, tracking down the mythical creatures that are mysteriously returning to existence, while evading the government ministry conspiring to stop them. Unfortunately, the forces that caused the disappearance of the 1866 Society are also still out there... and Kenneth Valence's actions have not gone unnoticed!  The Labyrinth, part three of four "Stories Told"?Trapped without weapons or equipment in the cave of the man-eating Cyclops Gorgorymus, the Mythstalkers have only one hope... the silver-tongued wit of wealthy layabout Kenneth, Lord Marston. If by some miracle, that's enough to save them, then they've got to face the cursed pirate crew known as the Cheated and the shocking secret of the Minotaur itself!







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