Mystique's "Clothing"

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Now we all know that Mystique can change into any person, including clothing. Well, let's say she went out to dinner only appearing to be wearing clothes, though she really isn't. What if the host asked if he could have her coat? Would she be able to take it off, even if it is part of her body?

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Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I have no clue, lol. I don't she's like Morph where the thing she shape shifts doesn't have to be her body. I mean Morph created a Football field.

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I once saw her say that she makes these things. Like how she created a glass vial once in her own series. She also stated that she is almost always naked. I understand that she can remove a coat or shoes and so on.

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I would think no, since it would seem to be rather like tearing off part of her body...?

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thats a good question but i seriously doubt it

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no she wouldnt be able to, when she shapeshift its her body it would be like taking her finger off but her jacket would be like ripping her skin off. just cause morph can do it which its HIS mutaion doesnt mean every shapeshifter can do it

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I assumed it's kind of like Madrox and how his clothes dupe when he dupes. Maybe her clothes change whenever she changes. That would make sense except if what erik says is true then it's wrong.

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her clothes has to be touching her. in the limited series the glass she made stayed attached to her. it didnt come off. she can make all kind of extra stuff such as glassess. but all of it is part of her skin so she wouldnt be able to pull it off. and madrox is a DIFFERENT mutant with DIFFERENT powers, he actually take the cells of the clothes and make another duplicating the cells. mystique take the cells she have and turn them into something different, not make more

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Isn't it the same with Mr. Sinister & Clayface? If the "clothing" was removed, would it turn to flesh? Would it weaken the body? Would it slide off the rack when the waiter's back was turned & crawl back to reform itself with the body? If she made a pair of sunglasses & you took them off, would it hurt like hell?

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To be honest, I don't think it's something covered consistently in the comics. In some versions I've seen of her she can take clothes she created off (the explanation being that for her it's just like a snake shedding skin). This seems the most realistic to me as there are many situations where she'd be forced to remove clothing in public and having that as part of her ability makes sense. However, other versions I've read where she would wear real clothes and only shape-shift her body (at least in situations where she knew ahead of time she might need to remove a part of her clothing).

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Clothing? I see no clothing
Clothing? I see no clothing
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@War Killer: Mystique doesn't NEED clothing...
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@info nation: I'd like to add that if she could mimic a snakes ability to shed skin, but on a more advanced scale, she could make it LOOK like she's taking off a coat but in reality, she just shedding her skin.

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