Does she retain her scent?

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In Manifest Destiny #1 

SPOILER Mystique fooled bobby into thinking she was whatever girlie he was messing with and then blew up the plane or something....Anyway Bobby and Raven had a relationship before, so idk, something should have seemed familiar about the girl he was with...anyway i was just wondering if she did, cause that whole situation could have been prevented.

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I think Wolverine has found her by scent.

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She hid out in the X-Mansion as Foxx for a good while without Wolverine cottoning on, so I'm gonna say no. She can at least choose to mask her scent.

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Sexy sexy beautiful, thank you

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she hide away from wolverine's sent because she had a mutant(pulse) use his powers on her so she couldnt be detected physically or telepathically, reason why emma couldnt find her until it wore off. but to answer your question she does give off a scent that others with enhanced smell can smell, so in the incident with iceman it couldnt been prevented seeing he doesnt have enhanced sense of smell

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I'd say she does, but uses some strong offencive perfumes & hairspray  to mask it.

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not any more she does she got an upgrade

after being brought by the hand.

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