razzatazz's Mystery In Space #34 - Dangerous Journey To Earth review


The first story here is as bizarre as they get here.  A man goes into a machine to determine his future but it is not given to him, so he essentially becomes a drifter before coming upon a solution to save the Earth from destruction.  The moral of the story here is also equally misplaced.  The second story is a Space Cabbie adventure and is thus a lot lighter in tone, as the Cabbie must transport a passenger from Neptune to Earth and encounters some unexpected problems along the way.  The next story is one which is kind of interactive with the reader as two aliens threaten Earth unless a random human can open the correct box of two and the human (or reader) must try to figure out which is the one to open.  Unfortunately the solution to the problem is not very relevant.  Next there is an information page on Mars and then another on planetary atmospheres.  The last story is a bit of an anachronism as it deals with a videophone trouble shooter in outer space.  There is not much logic here and the concept of telephone operators in space must have seemed a little antiquated even at the time, let along in the modern day.  Overall a pretty average issue with nothing in it which stands out.  

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