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All good things must come to an end, so here we are at the final volume of MySpace Dark Horse Presents. But to alleviate your pain, volume 6 is jam packed with a roster of the greatest writers and artists in comics today, joined by the brightest stars of tomorrow!

With contributions from heavy hitters like Mac Walters, Jackie Kessler, Jaime Hernandez, Stan Sakai, Evan Dorkin, Hilary Barta, Mark Crilley, Art Baltazar, Scott Morse, Andi Watson, Ron Chan, Simon Spurrier, Christopher Mitten, and so, so many more, MDHP Volume 6 is everything you love about comics distilled into one fantastic anthology.

Collects the online MySpace Dark Horse Presents #'s 31-36 Brody's Ghost: The Midnight Train from MySpace Dark Horse Presents #30.

Story Titles

Part One: Contact

  • Mass Effect: Incursion
  • Con-CERNed
  • Rick Shambles Is Forever Adrift

Part Two: Story Time

  • Meteor Mite
  • Grimmiss Island
  • Chiptie Butternut: The Fastest Squirrel in the Whurld!!!
  • Hen and the Door-to-Door Ogre Salesman
  • Beanworld
  • Usagi Yojimbo: Cut the Plum
  • Tobb: The Sling!

Part Three: Dark Horse Originals

  • Las Primas Controla
  • Bee in... the Ramble
  • Love Note
  • Giant Man in the Philippines
  • Fiction

Part Four: Brody's Ghost

  • The Midnight Train
  • The Scene of the Crime
  • The Test
  • The Big Game

Part Five: Drawing On Your Nightmares

  • S.H.O.O.T. First: The Wooden Saint
  • In Fetu
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales of the Vampires - Carpe Noctem


  • Englorious Mask-tards!

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