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Myles was a True Mandalorian and served under Jango Fett. He worked with Jango up until Galidraan, where the True Mandalorians had been set up by the Death Watch. Fett having learned of the trap and an impending attack from a Jedi strike team radios Myles to get the camp evacuated. The warning did not get out in time and then Jedi Master Dooku led the assault on Jango's forces. When Jango Fett arrived Myles took tot the air to give him air support, but was quickly sliced in half by a Jedi Knight. Myles' death sent Jango into a fury and he killed many Jedi with his bare hands to avenge his comrades before capture. We later learn that Dooku had already turned to the dark side and the slaughter of the True Mandalorians was an elaborate plan to turn Jango who believed in law and order against the Jedi and Republic.

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