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The Doom Patrol attend an annual civic association banquet where they are given five-thousand dollars to the charity of their choice by The Graphic, a newspaper published by Roy Jamison. Elasti-Girl is given a small golden lighter that unbeknownst to her takes a picture when it is used. The Graphic's purpose is to simply find out who is behind the Doom Patrol. At the Doom Patrol's headquarters Elasti-Girl offers to light a cigarette for the Chief. A little later in the day while Elasti-Girl stops by the offices of The Graphic, the lighter is stealthily swapped out for a normal lighter and also a tiny tape recorder is placed in her handbag by an office worker. The next day The Graphic runs a story titled "Doom Patrol Chief Revealed" with a large picture of the Chief on the front page. The Chief thinking somehow either Robotman, Negative Man, or Elasti-Girl has unknowingly supplied the paper with the picture devises a plan. The Chief asks to speak with each of the three individually, telling each a different story of his past. To Elasti-Girl, the Chief tells her he is a alien from a far away world that stumbled upon earth after detecting atomic energy and his ship was shot down during World War II. While out and about the town Elasti-Girl's purse is stolen and shortly after a preview of The Graphic's new story runs on television which purports the Chief is an alien. Bewildered, Robotman exclaims he was told the Chief was raised in a Tibetan Lamasery while Negative Man states he the Chief told him he was reared at Cambridge University as an amazing experiment. The Chief reveals he told each of the three a different story to find out where the "leak" in his team was. Across town a meeting between Senator Durham, Dr. Savatini, and Duvior is starting. Once the doors are shut on their meeting room, the three who have worked them selves into positions of power within the fields of politics, science, and finance respectively, reveal themselves to be aliens. Believing that the Chief is an alien of another race attempting to lay claim to Earth just as they are, they decide to either attempt and buy him out or kill him. The three travel to meet with the Chief and explain they have built a network of devices that when activated will heat up the Earth while other members detonate a bomb in space to fake the explosion of the Earth's Sun. Their race then plan to invade earth as "technicians" under the pretense of fixing Earth's heat and Sun problems. Finally, the three aliens tell the Chief the original model of the device that would cause these events was buried when they landed and a secret government base was built up around it. They task the Chief with assigning his Doom Patrol to uncovering and activating the device, to which the Chief agrees. While the Doom Patrol are uncovering the device the three aliens attack when the Doom Patrol demonstrate the Chief's "fake" technology such as weaponized light and size manipulation. Undeterred the three aliens activate the device. Robotman flings himself at the device and manages to turn it off but only after the heat has severely melted portions of his metal body. The three aliens are subdued and the team returns to base. When the Doom Patrol questions the Chief on his true origins he simply tells them it is best for all of them, that they don't know.







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