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Plot Summary

This issue of My Greatest Adventure contains the following three stories:

  • My Friend "Madcap" Manning!
  • I Journeyed Into Inner Space!
  • I Was a Prisoner of Captain Kidd!

My Friend "Madcap" Manning

Tim Manning is a freelance publicity expert who goes to serious extremes to promote any product with ease; however, is Tim's news about an army of killer robots real or is it just another stunt to sell some silly toy?

I Journeyed Into Inner Space

Blake Rogers is a diamond cutting expert and enjoys his job; however, things change when he wakes up alongside a mad scientist in some strange lab. After being forced to journey to the center of the Earth he finds himself trapped by an underground civilization!

I Was a Prisoner of Captain Kidd

Young Jim is your average high school student, except for the fact that he's an aspiring treasure hunter who regularly goes out with his friends to look for ancient relics. While out searching Jim finds himself separated from his pals and winds up a prisoner of the infamous pirate, Captain William Kidd!

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