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Mullholland was the orphaned mutant daughter of two dead junkie grunge musicians. Her mutant power enabled her to share a psycho kinetic link with historical events allowing her to convert dormant energies lying just below the surface of Los Angeles into psychokinetic fuel for a variety of effects. The only problem was that she needed to be concentrated in the L.A. area or she would lose her connection with her powers. She had lost the connection on a few occasions.  
Problems in the past were mostly caused by her focus problems. After M-Day she lost her mutant ability. While living on the streets, she joined the all-girl gang Black Dahlias but was later kicked out after cheating on one of its members. She later tried to better herself and was recruited by the 50 States Initiative to become part of their newest superhero team known as The Order.

Mayor Story Arcs

Joining the Order

As part of The Order, Mulholland, who opted to not to use a code name, was given a power similar to her former ability.  This power gave her a psychokinetic connection to L. A. itself through the people of the city. She also wields a power mallet, charged by her psychokinetic energy, which grants her flight. The Black Dahlias, who all gained superpowers, inject Black with Stark's S.P.I.N. Tech to remove her powers but somehow allowed her true mutant powers to resurface. Her out of control powers caused destruction on a massive scale and Henry Hellrung was forced to kill Mulholland to save the city.


Mulholland has a connection to L.A and through that connection can channel Psychokinetic power through her hammer.

She lost her mutant powers in M-Day but her powers were restored by the process the Order used to empower her and her teammates.

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