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Hua Mulan

Hua Mulan is a legend of China. She took her father's place in the army, for twelve years. After the war, she refused any rewards and retired in her hometown.

Disney's Mulan

Disney's Mulan
Disney's Mulan

While the merciless Shan-Yu leads invading Huns over the Great Wall, young Fa Mulan sees a matchmaker about her matrimonial future. Mulan's views on accepted marriage traditions prompt the ballad, "Reflection," as she hopes for recognition of her true self. To repel the Huns, a man from each family is required to join the Imperial Army. When Mulan's elderly father Fa Zhou volunteers, she objects. He warns, "I know my place. It is time you learned yours." Mulan, however, cuts her hair, dresses as a man, and is ready for military camp so her father can rest at home without entering war, prompting the concern of her First Ancestor, who converts an inanimate incense burner into the 18-inch high comedic dragon Mushu. With Mushu hidden in her clothing, she joins a group of raw recruits under the command of Captain Shang. During an ambush by the Huns in a mountain pass, Mulan steps in to turn defeat into a victory.

Kingdom Hearts

Mulan's first appearance was in Kingdom hearts 2, she helps Sora, Donald and goofy fight Shan Yu leader of the Huns to save the Land Of the Dragons. In their second meeting Mulan helps Sora take down a gigantic dragon. Sora can use Mushu as a summon in this game after the Mulan levels are beaten.

Dark Horse Version

The Dark Horse version of the character is one which is based on the historical character, except one that is transplanted to the future. With a gene for immortality in her blood she becomes sought after by those living in the dystopian world as a cure to their illnesses. It is implied that she is a member of a more privileged class in this version. Although immortal the character also exhibits some technology which allows time travel.

Other Media

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time

Mulan was also adopted into the television series "Once Upon A Time". She is played by Jamie Chung. She met Belle while hunting Yaoguai, who turned out to be Prince Philip. She then protects Philip until he gives his life to save his love, the sleeping beauty, Aurora. Mulan then travels with Aurora and meets Snow White and Emma Swan and helps them to return to Storybrooke. Over time Mulan fell in-love with Aurora.

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