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Japanese publication, has been translated in English by Dark Horse (Blade of the Immortal), German by Ehapa Verlag (Blade of the Immortal), French by Casterman (L'Habitant de L'Infini), Spanish by Glénat (La Espada del Inmortal), Polish by Egmont (Miecz Nieśmiertelnego), Italian by Panini (L'Immortale), Greek by Anubis Comics (Blade of the Immortal), Portuguese by Editora Conrad (Blade - A Lâmina do Imortal), Chinese by both Comics World (Wú Xiàn Zhī Zhù Rén) and Youth Comics Series (Wú Xiàn Zhù Rén), and Norwegian by Schibsted (Blade den Udødelige). The series was also partially translated into Swedish by Full Stop Media in a manga anthology, but the series was dropped after only six issues and replaced with Puppet Revolution (Manga Mania).

Proper Japanese Title: 無限の住人

Despite it being referred to as Blade of the Immortal in most countries, the name actually translates to The Inhabitant of Infinity, a title which is carried over to the French adaptation only.

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