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Ms.Marvel vs Mystique! She raised Rogue, the woman who stole Carol's powers and memories, and now the sinister shape-shifter is coming for Ms.Marvel herself! Yes, the collision readers have demanded since issue #1 is here as the march to the momentous issue #50 begins now!

Carol Danvers has returned from the dead, but she may not be the only "Marvel" to do so.

After an attack on the Church of Hala in Los Angeles--a church devoted to the teachings of the Kree warrior Mar-Vell--Ms. Marvel pays a visit to the hospital room of a Mr. Jefferson, survivor of the attack. Jefferson explains that while Carol was "dead", numerous attacks have been carried out against similar churches. According to Jefferson, the attacker looks and acts like the late Mar-Vell but doesn't exhibit any of Mar-Vell's super-human powers. Carol promises Jefferson that she won't let the impostor ruin Mar-Vell's good name, then sends an e-mail to the Essential.

Carol flies to St. Louis, where she meets up with the Essential and Rick Mason. The Essential has some very disturbing video footage of the attack on the Church of Hala. Despite all physical appearances to the contrary, the person impersonating Mar-Vell moves like a woman. Which, in Carol's experience, leaves her with only one possible culprit: Mystique.

The Essential gives Carol Mystique's last possible identity before joining Norman Osborn's Dark X-Men: As 65 year-old Gordon Marks in Cobalt, Idaho.

Carol leaves immediately for Idaho, denying Mason's request to help. She quickly spots Gordon/Mystique and runs reconnaissance from the sky until she's spotted. Carol blasts into the house and takes Gordon down quickly, though the old-man insists he has no idea who she is or what she wants. Carol isn't buying it, and Gordon's attitude changes in an instant. He nastily agrees to stop playing, and the house explodes.

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