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Carol Danvers must face herself and the terrible things she has done. Special guest X-Men Rogue and Beast appear, Carol finds a new romantic interest, and Ms. Marvel’s life begins a frightening new chapter... all in one issue!

The issue opens where the previous one left of.Beast uses CPR on Ms.Marvel waking her up but before Carol can bring her head back together she is attacked again by her alternative earth version who is going by the name Warbird.Carol dodges Warbirds attack and tries to reason with her but fails and Warbird is able to sucker punch Carol.Rogue then attempts to help Carol and activates her Sunfire powers.Rogue delivers a large blast at Warbird but she absorbds the energy.Beast attempts to attack from behind only to blasted away.Warbird then grabs Rogue by the throat and strangles her.Fortunately Rogue is saved by Carol who tells Rogue to stay out of it.Rogue doesn't listen to Carol and tries to help again leading Carol to kick her directly in the ribs knocking Rogue out.Warbird who is impresed by Carols action attempts to talk her into killing Rogue. Carol pretends to agree with it and quickly sucker punches Warbird.A battle ensues between the two leading them to fight through the woods reaching nearby train tracks.Carol who is angered upon discovering that Warbird has killed so many alternate versions of themselves finishes Warbird with a blast directly at the back of her head leaving her unconscious and picked up by SHIELD soon after. As Carol flies away Warbird cries begging Carol to kill her.Carol visits Rogue at the emergency ward only to be uninvited by Beast who doesn't trust Carol around Rogue. Angry at this Carol flies deep into space and screams as no one can hear her.After admiring the beauty of space,she flies back to earth saying that shell never run away again.

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