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Doctor Zadar, asking for a report and a explanation of the events that occurred at an auction with the intent to obtain a mystic safe, grew impatient with Prentiss' quality of response. So, while explaining that the Global Concern isn't a mob of hoodlums, he ironically expressed his displeasure with Prentiss by killing him. After doing such thing, he wanted to get a better detailed report from Ms. Frey, whom quickly had to shake off her horror of witnessing a murder in order to explain how The Web, The Shield, The Hangman, and Inferno, among others disrupted what was supposed to be a simple acquisition. After going through the events, Zadar encouraged Frey to supervise the recovery effort and report "with alacrity", lest she wants to join Prentiss in "retirement". Cautious at her fate, she undertook this task.

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