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Mr. Twist is the new Shadowman's first enemy, and makes his first appearance when two police offers enter a nightclub - only to find all of its patrons horrifically murdered and mutilated. The flesh of the dead bodies merges together to form Mr. Twist, and he infects the two officers with parasites as he announces that he has come to pave the way for his master. Later he sends the two infected officers to detain Jack Boniface, but Boniface manages to transform into Shadowman. With help from Alyssa and Dox, Shadowman was able to defeat the two possessed cops, and Dox manages to secure one of the parasites controlling them.

Mr. Twist in his white suit
Mr. Twist in his white suit

Meanwhile, Mr. Twist is at a tailor's getting himself fitted for an all-white suit while having a discussion with Brethren member Mr. Devereaux. Twist is shown to have slaughtered everyone in the building save for the tailor fitting his suit, and Twist explains to Devereaux that his purpose here is to gather souls to power Darque's return. After absorbing the tailor's soul, killing him, the parasite that escaped finds its way back to Mr. Twist and Twist learns of what entailed. Back at Dox's safehouse, as Dox is inspecting the parasite with Jack and Alyssa, Mr. Twist emerges from the parasite's corpse, using it as a conduit to enter.

There, he manages to capture Dox, but Alyssa and Jack escape by using his Loa, travelling to the Deadside. Back in the safehouse, Mr. Twist notes that Dox's Grand Veves tattoos on his chest carry a large necromantic charge which can help him fulfill his purpose. Later at an abandoned building somewhere, he manages to communicate with Darque (who is trapped in the Lyceum) and explains his plan to use the Veves to open up a portal.

Mr. Twist then uses the Grand Veves to channel a portal to allow Darque to return, but Shadowman emerges from the Deadside instead. Shadowman starts fighting Mr. Twist, but the demon keeps regenerating and they don't win until Dox realizes that Twist is not casting a spell - rather he is the spell. Mr. Twist suddenly pushes Shadowman through the still-open portal, and when they enter the Deadside, Twist opens up a gate for Darque. But Dox and Alyssa follow after Shadowman, and tell him to summon the dead spirits in the dimension. Shadowman does so, causing the spirits to devour Twist's life energy, and with a final blow from his Sengese blade, he manages to kill Mr. Twist - ending the demon's life.


Mr. Twist is defined as a 'necromantically empowered flesh construct' by Alyssa. He was shown to be able to generate his body from human flesh, steal human souls for his master, regenerate and even extend his body mass, and send out parasites that can possess others - turning them into his avatars. His parasites also appear sentient, and can also serve as conduits for him to teleport to wherever they are.

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