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Mr. Taylor was the director of a company called the Uni-World Trading Corporation, a cover organization for a covert U.S. intelligence organization. He was also the man responsible for the emergence of the assasin we know as Doombringer.

Mr. Taylor was behind a plan to send the wife and child of the unnamed U.S. agent into a disputed territory between two warring nations called the Uni-World Compound to gain leverage against the agent and force him to undertake a mission in which he would be testing a prototype armor. His wife and child were eventually killled in a terrorist bombing on the compound. This forced the agent to seek revenge, taking the prototype armor and going on his own rogue mision as Doombringer.

Mr. Taylor was afraid that the armor would be able to be traced back to his own company and tried to escape, but was stopped by Bob Diamond; a regular assistant to the Heroes for Hire.

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