Mr. Sinister

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i don't know who sinister is

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Mr. Sinister is my all time favorite X-character i really think he is potentially the most dangerous X-men character that really doesn't have to lay a finger on you or be present for that matter he is so behind the scenes and such a enigma most of the character is shouldered in mystery for intense no one on here can really honestly tell you what the hell his powers are

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What issues are these images from?

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#7 Posted by Asymmetrical (23750 posts) - - Show Bio

first is House of M somewhere

second I believe is Age of Apocalypse, not sure

last one, I have no idea

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#8 Posted by likalaruku (1038 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanks ^_^

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#9 Posted by fesak (8609 posts) - - Show Bio

Last one is from Messiah Compex, Mike Choi's art if i'm not mistaken.

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Thank you too, Fesak. Sinister is prertty hot with long hair ::nosebleed::

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