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Hired by the Time Variance Authority and moved up the ranks.


Written by Christopher Yost and drawn by Paco Medina.

Major Story Arcs

Upon being alerted that the main timeline would be eradicated, Oborus sends his men to stop the problem. He follows them to the Baxter Building so as to stop Bentley 23 from plunging the timeline into non-existence. Oborus orders his men to nullify the problem by taking out each of the Future Foundation kids. Spider-Man (whom Oborus knows is Dr. Octopus) is babysitting, however, and manages to convince Bentley 23 to trash whatever plans he had cooking by using some manipulation. Convinced that the problem is solved, Mr. Oborus sends the troops back to their base.

In his office, Oborus contemplates some information about Doc Ock as Spider-Man and all things point to mass deaths in the end. He knows he is powerless to stop what time will tell.

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