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Part of the ruling class of New Canaanites in Cable's future.


Written by Fabian Nicieza and drawn by Art Thibert in 1993.


It's not clear, but it appears that Mr. Calm is in charge of the Rowdies, a group within the New Canaanite regime that does the baser roughing up of ordinary citizens. He supposedly had dispatched a team to take on Garrison Kane and find out where he comes from. Mr. Calm's Rowdies get worked, but General Haight learns from the encounter that Kane is not from their time.

At a meeting about the newest New Canaanite Tinex, Ms. Blue raises a concern that the Clan Chosen will simply destroy, as they did the original seven years before. General Haight assures everyone that the plan takes this possibility into consideration. In response, Mr. Calm asks how Haight can be so sure that the plan is going to succeed. Mr. Calm is shown an image of Garrison Kane, a man from the past. The Clan Chosen won't destroy the Tinex as long as Kane needs a way home.

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