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The new Mr.America
The new Mr.America

Jeffrey Graves is an FBI agent and friend to Trey Thompson. He was Mr. America's FBI contact and was fired when it was discovered that he was giving him sensitive information. Jeff took over the roll as Mr. America after Trey's death. He currently is a member of The Justice society of America. He first joined while on his first case as the new Mr. America, investigating a murder that led him to the God killer Gog who attacked him. After their confrontation Jeff was able to just barely make it to the Brownstone and warn the JSA. After joining, Mr. Terrific crafted special whips for him, these whips create powerful explosions according to the force of the crack.

When the JSA are attacked by the evil Wizard Mordru, he teleports each member to a personal test where there is no escape. In Mr. America's case he is stuck being hunted by a pack of shadow beasts in a dark forest.

When The Fourth Reich returns Jeff like the rest of the JSA is defeated and put into interment camps.

Skills & Abilities

Is in peak human condition for a man who rigorously works out each day. He is an expert acrobat and gymnast, as well as formidable hand to hand fighter receiving training from his time as an FBI agent and training with Wildcat. He carries duel whips that are modified by Mr. Terrific to create controlled explosions powerful enough to fill up a plane hanger.

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