Should Mr. A make a comeback?

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Yeah the title basically speaks for the topic. Should Steve Ditko's political love child Rex Graine AKA Mr. A make a comeback? In this day and age, moral absolutism is shared by only few groups of people. I personally feel that in most cases it's irrational and nonsensical but Mr. A seems like a great character for a deconstruction story. Steve Ditko once described Rorschach from Watchmen as ''Mr. A except insane.'' In my opinion, that basically means Mr. A full stop. I've seen a couple of Mr. A strips and he does nearly everything Rorschach would do. I once saw let a criminal fall to their death while explaining his absolutism to a potential victim.

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While i don 't exactly agree with Mr. A's philosophy or his creators, i think it'd be nice to see Mr. A make some kind of come back to comics. Maybe in a deconstruction story about absolutism as a moral code. Because when you get right down to it, there us no pure right or pure wrong. Mr. A's actions in his comics are proof of this fact. He is by far one of the greatest anti-heroes created, even if it was unintentional. The guy is obviously a psychopath with OCD tendencies. If DC could just acquire the rights it'd be like having Rorschach in the main DCU without invoking the wrath of the bearded one. >_> <_<

Well, anyhow that's my 2 cents as you Americans say. But what do you think? Should Mr. A be revived by the Ditko family now Steve is sadly dead? And how do you think they'd portray him?

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Steve Ditko already passed away? From what I know Steve is still around making comics. Though I would be interested to know if you anyone here would recommend some reading material about this character as I'm interested to read the debates in this comic. I assume it must be intense.

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