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Lord Mountbatten, a clockwork tiger capable of taking physical form. Mowgli met him in The India, the Homelands version of India, and brought him to the Farm. He's worked alongside Bigby, his brothers, and Mowgli during a battle against the Emperor. Mountbatten, along with another toy Ranger Mike Danger, and Darien venture to Toyland to go and find Therese, hoping to bring her home. But they are ambushed and attacked by the toys, during which Ranger Mike Danger's destroyed. And unfortunately, he's separated from Darien, whom becomes gravely injured. He's then captured by the toys and brought to the court in front of Therese.

Although he tries to state he came to save Therese, and pleads for her to spare him. His pleas fall on death ears, whether because of her hunger or the influence of the land, Therese orders his execution. He's killed quickly and violently by the toys and Therese feeds on his raw flesh savagely. She quickly ordered to have the rest cooked, even if it meant using the wooden toys. Afterwards, though, Therese shows extreme regret and guilt for her deeds. When its revealed her brother was on Toyland and sacrificed himself to bring a magical cauldron to life to save her, she falls into grief. As she mourns her brother's life, Therese matures and sees the error of her ways to Mountbatten.

As the years went by in Toyland, an older and mature Therese sends the toys out to save the lives of children to earn their forgiveness for their sins. And as they do, the land returns to its green and fruitful form, restoring the toys to their former state. In the epilogue of Cubs in Toyland, its revealed that Mountbatten was narrating the end of the story. In it, he reveals that he's the only toy she couldn't restore. Therese deeply regrets being unable to bring him back.

He believes its because he was not part of her kingdom. It could be possible as he was part of the India Homelands; or because his body was left in the mundy world when he traveled to Toyland; or simply because he had not been broken like the toys. Or perhaps he's a reminder to Therese for her sins. Whatever the rules, all that was shown is that he is mostly made of metal and scrapped parts, with grown tree roots and flower vines that keep his empty body propped up. He did regret never being able to tell Bigby or Snow what became of their children. But in a way, a now grown Therese does a favor for him. She returns to the mundy world and does it for him, telling her family what became of Darien and how he saved her.

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