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Motherboard Is a sentient computer that upgraded herself into the cybernetic form of a female human.

She responded to the call for Heroes to join the Reality TV superteam the Wildguard


Motherboard first appeared in Wildguard: Casting Call #1 - Part One: The Arrival

She was created by Todd Nauck

Character Evolution:

it is unknown if Motherboard was a member of any other supergroup in the universe of the Wildguard, but it is known that she was a super sentient computer, that created a cybernetic technorganic body, in the form of a human female. This allowed her to experience the world in a mobile form.

Major Story Arcs:

Casting Call

Motherboard answered the call for Heroes to appear at the Wildguard HQ in order to participate in the Wildguard auditions for new team members. Her number was 101, a pun on Computer culture.

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During the tryouts, she was among the other heroes when the Ultra Megas, who were battling a Giant robot nearby, caused the robot to come crashing into the building. She can be seen fleeing from the machine as it crashes to the ground.

Not long after the Ultra Megas depart, the group is attacked by unknown assailants wielding energy staffs. They attack the assembled heroes, and try to take them captive. Motherboard is among the first captured and taken to the slavers ship, and placed in sedation.

She is later rescued and placed in the infirmary. The toxins having a seemingly stronger affect on her dual nature body.

Not long after, while recovering from her ordeal she is kidnapped again with several other technological based heroes, and replaced with a clone.

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She becomes a pawn to the rejected contestant the Wandering eye.

After being taken again, she is subjected to the eyes powerful hypnosis. She joins the others in battling Fours group of heroes.

She can be seen taking on Ignacia, using her 3-D Illusions to distract her foes.

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As the Wandering Eye begins his next phase, He inserts a tentacle in the back of her head giving him direct control over Motherboard.

He feeds her commands mentally, and has her interface physically with Satellite. She processes and decodes the commands into data, and has Satellite broadcast them worldwide.

When Exploding girl severely damages the Wandering Eye, Motherboard and the others were freed from it's control.


Motherboard is a Sentient Computer capable of several feats that she displayed during the Wildguard mini series.

She has displayed the following abilities. Her abilities seem aimed at gaining and processing data

She can Process and store 10 Petabytes of information. She can create 3-D Holographic Projections, that look like advanced holographic HUD/GUI, or computer displays. This allows her to display the information stored within her body. She can also make Biological Mind links allowing her to connect her mind to that of another through cybernetic fingers. She must touch the being, and it seems to cause slight discomfort.

Some assumed powers based on her Technorganic nature, and past as a computer are.

  • Technopathy: The ability to either Psionically, or by way of radio, interface remotely with computers, giving her WIFI style communication, access, and storage abilities. She may also be able excercise some control of electronics, over machines.
  • Heightened Intellect:Due to her ability to process data quickly, she is more intelligent than most people.
  • Hard light Constructs: She MAY be able to use her Illusions to allow solid and tactile interactions.This hasn't been proven as of yet.
  • Enhanced Visual and auditory senses: She may be able to see and analyze things visually in several spectrum, also pick up slight audio details.

Skills and Abilities:

Motherboard is most likely an accomplished Computer Programmer, and possesses numerous skills related to the hardware, and software side of Computer Science. Being a sentient Ai, she would have a familiarity with Electonic information on level others would not have.

Unarmed Combat: Although Motherboard may have access to databases on a variety of forms of physical combat. She either does not possess the talent or aptitude for physical combat or prefers to not engage in it. In all her appearances, she was seen being easily captured multiple times. As such she doesn't seem capable of self-defense outside of her Technopathic abilities.


She possesses a Cybernetic body which seems to possess the normal strength, endurance, and stamina of a reasonably fit human woman. She also has appendages in her fingers that allow her to interface organically and technologically. Her body appears to be purely organic, and having a synthetic skin.

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