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May Bennett was one of the worshippers of the and was chosen personally by the seventh Brother Blood to be his consort. Blood dubbed her "Mother Mayhem" and used her as his right-hand woman.

Mother Mayhem initially believes that Brother Blood is omnipotent. She is a hostile, cunning villainess, and is the only person besides Brother Blood who is aware of the 's plans and schemes.

Mother Mayhem often went on missions for Blood, such as capturing Raven after Trigon's defeat. Mother Mayhem never questioned Blood's orders, but became jealous when he focused much of his attention on Raven. While Blood was in power, Bennett became pregnant with his child. After The Church of Blood fell, the very-pregnant May became a target of the Wildebeest. After the Titans rescued her, May gave birth to a baby girl, Jessica. May softened in the end, due to becoming a mother.

May is currently on good terms with the Titans, especially after they rescued her from Wildebeest.

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